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Eyelash extensions are the hottest trend in the beauty industry.


Imagine having long, luscious, full eyelashes 24/7 without the time consuming chore of applying mascara every morning.


You can wake up looking "done"!

Our certified lash extension specialists:

Jenny Marie


Chelsie Parker

Hannah Beal

Brandy Hamelin

Abby Ashbaugh

Check out their Instagram accounts for before and after photos.

Full Set of lashes are not bookable online, so please call the salon to schedule. 859-371-2587.


If this is your first visit for lashes @ Blush we require a consultation 24 hours prior to services to test for possible glue allergies. 

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We can only add as many lashes as you have natural lashes. 

The thickness of your natural lashes will effect what we can put on as extensions. Too thick or too long can effect your natural lashes.

If you wear contacts, do not wear them to your appointment. 

Please come to your appointment without eye makeup.

As you will have your eyes closed for an extended period of time, we request no children during your appointment.


Wait 24 hours before getting your extensions wet, then wash them daily to avoid build up.

Avoid anything oil based as it will break down the adhesive. Also beware of salt water and chlorine.

Do Not wear mascara unless you know for sure it is extension safe. Other makeup is fine, but don't use an oil based makeup remover.

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